Switch Mode Power Supply


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Today we are going to discuss about Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS )

SMPS– is known as Switch mode power supply. SMPS is uses a switching regulator to control and stabilize the output voltage by switching the load current off and on. These power supplies offer the greater power conversion as well as decreases the overall power loss.


The type of power supply switch mode power supply is that uses the semiconductor switching techniques, rather than the standard linear methods to provide the required output voltage. The basic switching converter made /consist of a control circuit and a power switching stage.


A switch mode power supply is an electronic devices /circuit that they convert using power a switching devices that are turned on and off a storage components such as indicators as well as capacitors to supply power when the switching device is in its non condition state and high frequencies.

Switch mode power supply

SMPS is uses in many places in a computer. In the today’s modern computer, there is a SMPS that takes rectified AC input from the wall, preform power factor correction and then converts the output into one or more lower voltage DC outputs.

Switch mode power supply are high efficiency and are widely used in a variety of electronic equipment and
SMPS are have high efficiency and are widely used in including computers as well as other sensitive equipment requiring stable and efficient power supply.

Switch mode power supply

Switched-mode power supplies are classified into according to the type of output and input voltages. The four major categories are:

  • AC to DC
  • DC to DC
  • DC to AC
  • AC to AC

There are different circuit configurations that is topologies, each having unique advantages, charactristis and modes of the operation, which determines how the input is transferred to the output.
The topologies most commonly used as voltage scaling, full bridge and half bridge, push pull, fly back and multiple output voltages.

Switch mode power supply

Advantages of switched-mode power supplies:

  • Efficiency is high -68% to 90%
  • Size is small and lighter
  • Flexible technology
  • Power density is high

Disadvantages of switch mode power supply

  • Circuit design is complex
  • Expensive compared to linear supplies
  • SMPS are used to power a wide variety of equipment such as computers, sensitive electronics, battery-operated devices and other equipment requiring high efficiency.

Application of switch mode power supply (SMPS)

  • SMPS is used in railway system
  • Mobile
  • Battery charger
  • Vehicle
  • Lighting
  • Computer
  • Security system

Specifications of SMPS

  • Multiple output or single Output
  • switching frequency
  • Output power
  • Lode regulations
  • Power efficiency
  • Battery operated

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