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What is Acid Rain?

Acid rain is more acidic than normal rain.
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, the main sources of acid rain.
Acid rain spread and damage involves weather, chemistry, soil, and the life cycle of plant and animal on the land and from acid rain in water.


How to acid rain formed?


Effect On Non -Living

  • The Tag Mahal in Agra, suffering form sulphur dioxide, sulphuric acid and other fumes pollutants released from Mathura Refinary.
  • Acid rain cause extensive damage to building , statues , bridge, and, structural material of marble, lime stone, etc.

Causes Of Acid Rain

  1. Burning coal, oil and natural gas, in power station makes electricity, giving off sulphur dioxide gas. ..
  2. Burning petrol and oil vehicle engines gives off nitrogen oxides as gases. …
  3. These gases mix with water vapor and rainwater in the atmosphere producing weak solution of sulfuric acid and nitric acid – which fall as acid rain. ..
  4. Natural sources such as erupting volcanoes and lighting produce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxued which cause to the formation of acid rain.

Effects on living

On human health.

  • The sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide gases causes respiratory diseases astana, chronic bronchitis, etc.
  • Small particles have difficulty breathing for humans and animals and can cause permanent lung damage.
  • Acid rain increase the acidity of lakes and rivers, which directly effects the aquatic ecosystem.

On trees and soil

  • Acid rain dissolves all the nutrients and the useful minerals for the tree grow.
  • Weakens the process of photosynthesis.
  • According to modern researches, Acid rain leaches potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.
  • Essential elements form the top of soil and when soil is contaminated, cereal (arable) production crops.
  • Activate aluminum from the soil because of acidity, which die fish and water.
  • Drinking water is contaminated.

Disadvantages of acid rain

  1. Acid rain affects the fresh water ponds as well as lakes and destroys the aquatic life as some species of fishes are rare and may be extinct.
  2. Acid rain affect the trees particularly those that are high altitude.
  3. Acid rain damage historical monuments and buildings.
  4. soil can be affected and can lead to deaths of good microbes.

Solution of acid rain

  • Fit scrubbers into facotry’s chimney, which are chemical filters that remove impurities such as sulphur from smoke.
  • Care can be fitted with special converters which remove dangerous chemical.
  • Government need to spend more money on pollution control.

Conclusion: To conclude, acid rain is very important issue that has bad effects in the environment.
Many health problems will be avoided if acid rainfall due to rain. We can help stop this acid rain in a very simple way, which does not pollute the air.

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