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What is Digital Electronics ???

Digital electronics or digital (electronic) circuit are electronics that handel digital signals. (Discrete bands of analog levels) rather than by continuous ranges as used in analog electronics.
It is based upon the digital design methodologies and consist of digital circuits, IC’s and logic gates.
We are study the digital electronics and it’s application

Digital electronics

Digital Electronics Quick History.

  • Before to digital technology, electronic transmission was limited to analog technology, which conveys electronic signals of varying frequency or amplitude.
  • In the 1930′ s the prototypes of the computer were constructed from mechanical switches (vacuum tubes)
  • The next stage in the 1940’s was the use of electronic
  • diodes, and while these were better but they were unreliable.
  • The next stage was the result of the development in 1947 of the transistors which was much smaller, faster and cooler.
  • Simple transistors were replaced by electronic circuits. (ICs) and that got smaller and smaller and finally deposited on silicone to be put into a “chip “.

Analog system

The team ” analogue ” describes the proportional relationship between a signal and a voltage or current that represents the signal. The world analogue is derived from the Greek word analogue meaning “proportional ” .

Advantages of ICs

  • Smaller components
  • Less volume and weight of the equipment
  • Reduction of power consumption
  • Cost reduction
  • More reliable

Analog VS Digital Systems:

  • Analog computers only work with analog quantities of continuous numerical data
  • Digital computers can process both non – numerical and numerical data.

Digital electronics and it’s application

  • Data Transmission using Digital systems
  • The digital system spend the data in the form of packages of digital codes, thus we can encode and decode them in various forms and codes.
  • Data encryption is also possible in the digital system.
  • Hence the data transmission is more secure, and can be manipulate in many formats ! . Digital systems are much advantages in communications.

Digital electronics safe box

  • The Electronic Digital Safe is perfect for storing your jewelry, valuables and confidential paperwork safely.
  • It’s easy to set up electronic code with floor or wall mounting.
  • There is also a digital lock, incorrect password alarm and two backup keys.
  • There is a cash box with tray to keep your valuable and coins in and a carrying handle for your .


A resistor is made out of multiple flip flops connected to each other used to store multiple bits of data. If we have ‘ n’ flip flops, we can store ‘N’Djamena bits of data.

Shift resister

A shift resistor is a sequential circuit which stores the data and shifts it towards the outputs on every clock cycle.


The microprocessor is also called as logic chip. The microprocessor has all, or most, central processing unit (CPU) functions, and is the “engine” that becomes dynamic when you turn on the computer.

Future Scoops & Possibilities Of Digital Electronics :

Digital electronics
  • It uses digital electronics VLSL technology, which has reduced the size and area of ​​circuit boards and increased the accuracy and efficiency of the system.
  • Moreover digital systems have the advantage of data encryption for the communication purpose.
  • The data transmission is safe and secure.
  • Digital electronics and it’s application More useful in future.

Advantages of Digital Electronics

  • Computer control digital systems can be controlled by software, allowing new functions to be added without changing hardware.
  • Digital systems are easier to store information than analog.
  • The noise-immunity of digital systems permits data to be stored and retrieved without noise.
  • In a digital system are easier to design and more precise representation of a signal can be obtained by using more binary to represent it.
  • More digital circuitry can be fabricated on IC chips.
  • Error management method can be inserted into the single path.
  • To detect errors, and then either correct the errors, or at least ask for a new copy of the data.

Disadvantages of Digital Electronics

  • Conversion to digital format and re-conversation to analog format is needed, which always include the lost of information.
  • In same cases, digital circuits use more energy than analog circuits and produce more heat and need heat sinks.
  • Digital circuits are sometimes more experience, especially in small quantities.

All these factors clearly shows that the digital electronics stream has wide future scope in the modern era!

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