Causes, effects & solution of Water Pollution.


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Today I am going to give information about Causes, effects & solution of Water Pollution.

Pollution means adding impurities in environment which is harmful to living things.

Causes, effects &solution of water pollution.

Water Pollution –
Definition – Change in physics chemical ,biological charactristics of water which causes harmful effects on living things.

In that polluted water consist some substance that’s like chemicals, microorganisms, contaminate a stream, river, lake ocean, aquifer and other body water. Reduce the quality of water and rendering it toxic to humans as well as environment.

Water and Water Cycle Two -thirds of the Earths surface is covered by water, seventy-six perfect of your body is made up of water. As you already know water is everything and all around. However, we have a fixed amount of water on earth. It just changes its states and goes through a cyclic order, know as the Water Cycle.

Causes, effects &solution of water pollution.

Causes, effects & solution of Water Pollution bellow….

Sources of Water Pollution :
Some of the most commonly occurring water pollutants are –

  • Domestic Wates
  • Industrial effuents
  • Insecticides and pesticides
  • Detergents and Fertilizers
  • water pollution that caused is by Direct Sources, such as factories, waste management facilities, refineries etc. That release waste and harmful by-products in the nearest water source without treating them. Indirect sources include pollutant that enter the water bodies via groundwater or soil or via the atmosphere as acid rain.

Effects of Water Pollution Disease : In human, drinking or consuming polluted water any way has many disatorus effects on our health. It causes typhoid, cholera ,hepatitis and other diseases.

Destruction of Ecosystems :
Living things are extremely dynamic and respond to even small changes in the environment. Water pollution can destroy entire ecosystems to collapse if left unchecked.

Eutrophication : Chemicals in the water of body, encourage the growth of algae. These algae from a layer on top of the pond as well as lake. Bacteria attack on the algae and this decreases the amount of oxygen in the water body, severely affecting the aquatic life there.

Effects the food chain : Disruption in food chains happens when toxins and pollutants in the water are consumed by aquatic animals (fish, selfish etc) which are then consumed by humans.

Prevention : The best way to prevent large -scale water pollution is to try and reduce it’s harmful effects. This are the small various changes & we can make to protect ourselves from a scary future where water is scarce.

Causes, effects &solution of water pollution.

Saving Water : Conserving water is our first aim. Water wastage is a major problem globally and we are only now waking up to this issue. Your small changes you can make domestically will make a huge difference.

Best treatment of sewage : So treating waste products before disposing of it in a water body helps reduce water pollution on a large scale. Agriculture or other industries can reuse this wastewater by reducing it’s toxic contents.
Use environmentally good products : By using soluble products that do not go on to become pollutants, we can reduce the amount of water pollution caused by a household.

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