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Environmental science
Definition :The environmental science is defined as study of interaction of human being with environment.

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Segments of Environment
Environment can be classified into various segments

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  • Lithosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Atmosphere

Segment Of Environment

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  • Atmosphere : It is composed of the air.
  • Hydrosphere : The surface of earth filled with any source of water.
  • Lithosphere : The outer shell of the composed of crust and rigid outer most mantle.
  • Biosphere : The place on earth where life exists.

Need of Environmental Studies

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  • To inspire everybody to use our environmental resources with care.
  • To explain the concept of environmental degradation.
  • To identify various factors causing environmental degradation.
  • To prevent of adverse effect on our environment .
  • Not to ignore the environmental issues.

Objective of EVS

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  • The Awareness : about our environment and it’s allied problems.
  • In the Knowledge : experience about our environment and acquire basic understanding and associated
  • Problems Skill : Identifying and solving environmental problems
  • The Participation : providing opportunity to be involved in resolving the environmental problems.

Importance of EVS

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  • The EVS enlighten is the importance of protection and conservation of our environment
  • In that the EVS have become significant for the following reasons :
  • Environment issues being of international importance
  • Problems cropped in the wake of development
  • Explosive increase in pollution
  • Need for an alternative solution
  • Need to save humanity from extinction
  • Need for wise planning of development

Benefits of EVS

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  • Conservation of energy and fast depleting natural resources.
  • Increase in economics productivity
  • Imparting knowledge about west management, treatment and disposal.
  • Develop social responsibility towards environment protection
  • Creating awareness to control population.
  • values towards understanding as well as Inculcating attitude interdependence of nature and man and work towards sustainable development.

Green Technology or clean Tech

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  • It Is the application of products as well as the development, equipment and systems used to conserve the natural environment and resources, which minimize and reduce the negative impact of human activities.
  • Criteria of Green Tech products, equipment or system
  • It minimizes the degradation of the environment.
  • It is safe for use and promotes healthy and improved enivorment for all forms of life.
  • It conserves the use of energy and natural resources
  • It promotes the use of renewable resource.

Examples of clean Tech

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  • Unleaded petrol, sulphur free coal, CNG, LPG, Bio -fules hybrid vehicles
  • Air pollution control equipments like catalytic converters, electrostatic precipitators, fual gas desulphurization units etc.
  • Genetically engineered crops which requires less chemical pesticides due to their genetic resistance to diseases and pests
  • Solar energy Hydro energy Ocean energy geothermal energy wind energy as alternative
  • Recycling of west paper, metal, glass, flyash, slag, red mud etc.

Goals of green tech :

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  • The Cradle to cradle design – ending the cradle to grave cycle of manufactured products, by creating products that can be fully reclaimed or re -used.
  • Source reduction -reduction waste and pollution by changing pattern of production and consumption.
  • The Innovation _The technologies alternative.
  • In developing – whether fossil fuel or chemical intensive .
  • In agriculture -that have been demonstrated to damage health and the enivorment.
  • In the viability -the creating is a center of economic activity around technologies and products that benefit the environment, speeding their implementation and creating new careers that truly protect the planet.

Green Tech Subject Areas

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  • Energy -development of alternative fules, new means of generating energy and energy efficiency
  • In that Green building -encompasses everything from the choice of building materials to building location .
  • In which the environmentally preferred purchasing – government purchasing of products whose contents and methods of production have the smallest possible impact on the environment.
  • The Green chemistry – In that the design, application of chemical productsinvention, and processes to reduce &eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substance.
  • Green nanotechnology – application of green chemistry and green engineering principales to materials at nano scale
  • Green computing – designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of computers and associated subsystem, effectively with minimal or no impact on the environment.

So guys, I hope you have understood the concept of environmental science through this information. Share this information with your friends and family

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