How to Become an Air Hostess? Qualification, Training, Jobs and Salary

Many young graduates want to become air hostess / flight attendant jobs. The air hostess salary is very lucrative. You can join the Air Hostess Course for Air Hostess Training. Nowadays, it is a high profile business in India. Air hostess profession means the dream of young girls. If this job is not limited to […]


Phases of cardiac cycle

Cardiac CycleThe human heart is a muscular organ that is about the size of a fist. It pumps blood through a set of connections between arteries and veins, known as the cardiovascular system. ( involves systemic and pulmonary circulation. So we are learn below phases of cardiac cycle and some more information Table of Contents […]


Solution To Acid Rain

Hii friends today we are going to discuss about nature topic “Acid rain “ What is Acid Rain? Acid rain is more acidic than normal rain.Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, the main sources of acid rain.Acid rain spread and damage involves weather, chemistry, soil, and the life cycle of plant and animal on the land […]


Ozone layer depletion consequences :

Hi friends today we are going to discuss about depletion of the ozone layer. The key is that the ozone molecule is nothing more than an oxygen molecule that has received an extra oxygen atom through an electrically high voltage. The ozone layer is the most commonly known example, in which ozone is produced by […]


Digital electronics and it’s application

Hi friends today we are going to discuss about new things “Digital Electronics And it’s application “ What is Digital Electronics ??? Digital electronics or digital (electronic) circuit are electronics that handel digital signals. (Discrete bands of analog levels) rather than by continuous ranges as used in analog electronics.It is based upon the digital design […]


Mussels cells in human body : Types of muscle tissue

Hii friends.. Today we are going to discuss about muscles in human body. What are muscles?The muscle is a soft tissue . Muscle cells in human body contain protein filaments actin and myosin. That slide past one another, producing a contraction that changes both the length and the shape of the cell. Muscle cells in […]


Human Liver Autonomy

Hii friends, Today we are going to discuss about autonomy of human liver Liver The liver is a essential organ In the human body. In the liver multiple functions. It is makes a many of the chemicals required by the body to function normally, it breaks down and detoxifies substances in the body, and it […]


Human Spinal Cord

Hi friends, Today we are going to discuss about Spinal Cord in human body. Spinal cord The spinal cord is a support system of the body In human body the spinal cord is a long cylinder of nerves that runs from the base of your brain through the vertebral canal through the backbone. It is […]



Hi friends, Today we are going to discuss about information of capacitor A capacitor is a electrical device that is stores electrical energy in an electric field. Capacitors are the passive electronic components with two terminals. The effect of a capacitor is known as capacitance. What is a capacitor used for? It is used to […]


Composition of Blood

Hii Friends, Today we are going to discuss about Composition of Blood. Blood – Blood is a main circulating fuild in the human body. Study of blood is called Hematology. The system in which blood is circulated throughout the body is called circulating system. Blood The main circulating, bright red, slightly alkaline fuild in the […]